User Experience Goals

Adapts to conversational settings

Improves conversational experience with friends and colleagues

Strengthens social and professional relationships

HAPTIC FEEDBACK — HERE-U interface vibrates to alertusers when someone is approaching or speaking to them

PORTRAIT BLUR — Sensors activate shotgun microphone in cochlears and hearing aids to reduce background noise & pick up individual voice

BUBBLE BLUR — Identifies many-to-one conversations and uses a cardiod microphone to reduce background noise around the speakers

Here-U diagram of states

Here-U 3D model created using Autodesk Maya

Use of Machine Learning

Algorithm learns from data gathered from user and modifies Here-U functionality to optimize the system.

Eventually, users will no longer have to train their HERE-U.

Future Considerations

Provides data for noise level ratings on multiple review sites

Improves conversational experience with friends and colleagues

Increases awareness of DHH users in business environments

How could HERE-U function in other settings, like work meetings?

How could HERE-U change the way public places accommodate those who are DHH?

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